What is the food service process?

Rick is the kitchen manager of a new health center. Rick has been asked to give his opinion on the type of food production system the new facility should have. A food production system is defined as the inputs, processes and products needed to feed a defined population. Many food service facilities can have combined food production systems to meet all the needs of their customers.

The Iowa State University Food Safety Project provides solid guidance for developing standard operating procedures for restaurants, school food services, child care and assisted living. However, the temperature and packaging of the food being transported must be controlled to protect food safety. Thoroughly train your staff to understand the importance of food safety protocols, as well as the specific features of temperature control and safe food handling. All food preparation and service staff will follow proper handwashing practices to ensure the safety of the food being served to customers.

Make sure the equipment works well enough to keep hot food hot enough and cold food cold enough. A food cooking system with a screen is a system that allows customers to see the actual preparation and cooking of food, which can increase customer interest and sales. This series of lectures focuses on the microbiology of the various forms of food processing in retail, the specific concerns of each process and the controls needed to detect the hazards associated with these foods. This type of food system is more effective on a large scale, since food can be purchased in bulk for less money.

A successful catering establishment offers meals of a high enough quality to attract returning customers, and operates efficiently enough to make a profit, while paying special attention to food safety issues. Assembly and service food systems refer to a type of food production that begins with partially prepared or fully prepared foods, which can then be slightly modified or divided into portions before serving. Rick knows that this type of food system can have better customer engagement and create new customers, but it can have higher food and labor costs. If Rick chooses an economy type food system for his health center, this will allow him to use less labor and achieve a better consistency of the food being served.

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