What are the current trends in the beverage industry?

In addition, many beverage manufacturers have transitioned some of their packaging from plastic to 100% PET plastic, which has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET. In addition, taste experiences are another key success factor for beverages and juices. Taste Experience is a current megatrend that is impressively shaping the beverage industry. It's about taking the consumer on an adventure caused by sensory, visual and tactile experiences.

Unusual, spicy or exotic flavor combinations guarantee exciting taste experiences, especially in times of COVID-19, with their travel restrictions. Therefore, the possibilities of fruit and vegetable juices are diverse, in terms of taste and concept. Conscious consumption has been a priority for consumers since Corona. Drinks should not burden health and well-being through their ingredients and, even better, contribute to an active lifestyle.

Therefore, beverages with ingredients associated with a strong immune system are particularly sought after. However, consumers also appreciate products that they can buy with a clear conscience in relation to the well-being of planet Earth. Sustainability and waste disposal are a good idea for conscious consumers. After confinements, the main way to score points is with intense taste experiences that bring variety and moments of joy to the home.

In addition to the low sugar content, other functional ingredients such as CBD are also in demand. 21 percent of millennials stated that CBD has a positive impact on their health, and many owners of beverage brands such as Molson Coors Beverage Co. With an innovative portfolio of functional botanical ingredients and more than two decades of experience, Applied Food Sciences (AFS) helps brands keep up to date with industry trends.

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